Travel with Bella Aventura, to explore, experience, and will make a positive impact.

Imagine traveling to a truly unique and authentic destination, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, meet fascinating people, and sustainably experience tourism. Our concept of sustainable travel offers precisely that. With the world increasingly focused on providing custom-made travel experiences that have minimal impact on cultures and the natural environment, we have prioritized incorporating these values into our new Sustainability Policy.

Join us in our commitment to responsible tourism and experience a new way of traveling that satisfies your wanderlust and positively impacts the world.

Our mission:

Promote sustainable tourism development by acting responsibly towards the environment, communities, customers, and suppliers. We are committed to eco-friendly practices, wildlife protection, and community support to achieve this. We strive to continuously apply and promote good sustainability practices in all our tourism operations and activities, aiming to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative ones. Our goal is to create a lasting effect that inspires our travelers to adopt sustainable practices in their own lives.

Sustainable policies

Learn about our commitment to every traveler and, above all, to the planet.

Sustainable tips

To reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint when traveling, follow these eco-friendly tips.

Illegal souvenirs

Contribute to sustainability in each of your purchases, learn about souvenirs that are illegal.

Consumer Tip

Small actions can have a significant impact on one's life; we share with you some important.

Construyendo Sonrisas

Learn about our social aid project helping the children of Costa Rica and join us in improving their lives.

Code of conduct

We are committed to children and adolescents, we invite you to learn about our code of conduct.

File your complaint

Report human trafficking or any act that violates the integrity of children and adolescents now.

Report 2023-2024

Meet about our report on the actions we carry out with social impact.

Stop animal selfies

We are part of the national Stop Animal Selfies campaign; learn more about this initiative.

Our heritage for our travellers:

Our trips are designed to make your experience truly unforgettable and authentic. At the same time, we are committed to creating opportunities for locals to participate and benefit. This way, everyone wins! We achieve this by hiring local guides, choosing small, often family-run accommodations, and visiting social or ecological tourism projects. These encounters provide a unique and personal insight into the daily lives of the locals, creating meaningful connections. We believe in preserving nature, the environment, and the local culture. That’s why we treat the people and their traditions with respect and sincerity. 

Bella Aventura and the Travel Life Certification

As part of our initiatives for the sustainable management and operation of the trips enjoyed by our clients at Bella Aventura Costa Rica, we have initiated a certification process with Travelife. Travelife is an international certification program that reasonably and affordably evaluates operators and travel agencies in the environmental and social areas by meeting sustainability criteria. When a company meets all sustainability requirements, it receives the Travelife label.

Travelife offers various services such as training, management, planning, reporting, and business-to-business (B2B) tools. The assessment program must be re-evaluated every two years, and companies must meet the established criteria to obtain renewal of Travelife certification.

Payment policies.

The formalization of the reservation of your trip must be made in writing by e-mail to your travel agent contact and then fill out the registration form that will contain the information of the travelers.

The travel contract comes into effect with the acceptance of the terms and conditions, as well as the amount of 30% of the total reservation.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to check that the documentation provided is by the contracted services. If this is not the case, you should contact your travel agent to make the necessary modifications.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Up to 45 days before the date of arrival in the country, a penalty of $150.00 US per person will be applied to cover the administrative amount of the services.

  • Between 44 to 30 days before the arrival date, a penalty of 20% of the total reservation amount will be charged.

  • Between 29 to 22 days before the arrival date, 30% of the total reservation amount will be charged.

  • Between 21 to 14 days before the arrival date, a penalty of 40% of the total reservation amount will be charged.

  • Between 13 to 7 days before the arrival date, a penalty of 75% of the total reservation amount will be charged.

  • 6 days or less before arrival date will be penalized with a 100% cancellation fee.

Registration form

Start your reservation by filling out the form below:

If you rent a rental car with us, please attach a copy of your passport and driving licence so that we can proceed with your reservation.
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Formulario de Registro

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Si renta un choche de alquiler con nosotros adjunte una copia de su pasaporte y licencia de conducir para confirmar su reserva.
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