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Austrian in love with Costa Rica.

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I am originally from Buchboden in Vorarlberg but have been settled in Costa Rica for almost 20 years. I am mum to 3 lively children and still in love with my husband, Esteban. I am interested in foreign languages and cultures. I am also a hobby baker and wine lover. I am known as orderly and with a slight tendency towards perfectionism. However, I am always ready for an adventure and am happiest at the seaside with my family. I miss the mountain cheese and brown bread from my old home country, but what I love about Costa Rica is the joie de vivre of the people and the tropical nature. Pura Vida!

My Story

Welcome to our blog. I am Veronika. Originally I come from a small village in the mountains of Austria, but I have lived in Costa Rica for almost 20 years. Traveling and experiencing adventure has always been my passion. Not least because of this, I decided to turn my dream of traveling into my life’s work: I studied tourism and came to Costa Rica for the first time during my studies.

Not only did I fall in love with the country straight away, but also with Esteban, my husband, today. Nevertheless, I moved to the big wide world, worked on cruise ships, among other things, and came back to Costa Rica. Together with my husband, I founded Bella Aventura, our travel agency, in Costa Rica in 2009.

Since then, traveling has been part of our everyday life: we regularly plunge into new adventures and discover the country from entirely new perspectives and facets that few travelers get to know. Always with us: our three children, who have inherited the same love of adventure. Thanks to my extensive experience with Austrian and Costa Rican culture, I know my way around both environments perfectly. And with my three kids, I also have an incomparable wealth of experience traveling as a family with children. That’s exactly what I want to share here on the blog – exciting insider knowledge, helpful information, but also insider tips or recommendations for all those who are just as in love with Costa Rica as I am!

Welcome or "Bienvenidos y Pura Vida," as we say here!

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Travel with friends Blog is the most updated digital travel magazine of the Costa Rican market, property of the travel agency Bella Aventura Costa Rica S.A., where we publish weekly the best recommendations, destinations, and experiences you cannot miss during your trip to Costa Rica. Be encouraged to travel with friends who will advise you to have the best experience.

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